Team Bad Wolf race report

First, happy Thanksgiving! and happy December! To read about my turkey day check out Bryan and mine’s giving thanks post.

SO. The Southern Tier Running Club has a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, the Pie&Glove. This year, we entered as Team Bad Wolf.


If you don’t get the reference, check out some Doctor Who

It’s a pretty good time. In theory. Until you wake up and it’s 19deg out. The race starts at the Corning War Memorial Stadium and it pretty much an out and back. You go across the Brisco Bridge, down Tioga Ave, around Denison Park, and back. Which, again,  in theory sounds easy. The thing you don’t realize until you run in the area, the return route has a head wind that you don’t know is there until you turn around. Which couples nicely with the slight slope on Tioga Ave which you don’t realize it uphill until the return route… The hell of it is when you have run the route before and know what is coming. Our first bit snow storm was Wednesday night. Which meant the start/finish on the side street was packed snow. Awesome. I’m far from an elite athlete so generally I don’t have much to say on races that I “compete” in unless something exceptional happens.

Due to how we finished last year we decided not to stay for awards. Jen, Bryan, and I have no chance in placing/getting a pie and last year my dad didn’t rank. Today I got a call from my dad regarding the results. I have always had a huge complex about my big sister being better than me in anything/everything. Halfway through the race Jen says hey, do you want to kick it up a notch for the second half? I haven’t run much since the Wineglass half (5x in about 2 months) and according to Jen she doesn’t run often and when she does it isn’t for that long and she has the boys in the jogging stroller.

So the results. I finish 28th out of 79 in my age group! Aaaand Jen finished 14th in our age group. 3 minutes faster. Oh well, Jen is better, I know she is a kick ass runner and I feel lucky to have been able to run the first half with her and wonder how she would have done if I hadn’t held her back! Much like in high school, it’s amazing to watch her kick into a different gear and take off.

Back to the results, Dad calls me tonight and says, I won! It being three days later I say won what? He says I won! Apparently we should have stayed for the awards ceremony because Dad won his age group!!! Pretty exciting stuff. Next year we are training so he can beat the 59-year olds that will be joining his age group.

Go Team Bad Wolf!!!

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