ADK room

We have a room that we call the fireplace room. It’s a converted garage that has a fireplace in it. We come up with the most clever names. We have been wanting to upgrade it for a long time. There was outdated wallpaper and an old parquet floor. Which I’m sure looked good at one point but then someone decided to put a coat of varnish on it, and it is now flaking. A couple of years ago we had a genius idea to give it an Adirondack feel. On our honeymoon we decided to take down the wallpaper and paint the walls a nice Adirondack green. Lucky for us, after sharing the plan, our house elves (my parents) did all of the work for us and we came back to a beautifully painted room!

Next challenge was the floor. The room is cold in the winter (ex-garage) so we decided to have carpeting installed. Since there is an exterior door we decided tile around door would be a nice addition. We picked out the carpeting and tile from Ontario Carpet Center in Corning. The weekend before they installed it we moved everything out of the room.

It looks so empty.


My wonderful house elf of a mother came over to supervise the installation. She even made the crew cookies. I came home for lunch to check on the progress and they were just finishing up. It looks absolutely wonderful! It’s just what we wanted 🙂

The carpeting and wall color. Loving it!


The tile by the door


I love it, Bryan loves it, and Seneca loves it!


Side note, Seneca got a new collar this week. She looks so pretty 🙂

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